Tuesday, August 20, 2013

... and it's over for another year... stay tuned for the 4th Annual Golden Unicorn Arts Festival!

Here we are, two days after our biggest event of the year. We just hosted our 3rd Annual Golden Unicorn Arts Festival and I am already working on the 4th! I guess that is how this sort of thing works, you work, work, work, wonder why, wonder if it is worth it, finish and start coming up with even better ideas for next year! If I thought this was it, I am done! Well the artists who have already reserved their spaces for 2014 have clearly told me "THIS IS NOT OVER!"

It was fun! We had a GREAT time, AMAZING feedback, TONS of people came through, WONDERFUL music, TALENTED artisans and loads of FUN! I am soon going to run out of adjectives but I am just so pleased!
CJ104 Community Cruiser
with Sunrise Alpacas
Photo Credit CJ104

It is so much work, Len and I do it all and we are learning more about how to do it better. This year we hired more help to get things together, get the work done and work the shop. In fact, I managed to get out of the kitchen three times for quick walk abouts and made time to welcome and thank the crowd as well as sit and listen to my baby girl sing on stage. I am either learning how to do things better or letting go of my control freak behaviour (or a combination thereof!)

This is not a long blog and yes it has been months since I wrote but I just needed to convey first to my friends and family that I am fine, did not over do it and had fun. I also needed to let my Facebook friends as well as those who are on our Farm page and Festival pages how much we REALLY do appreciate them! You have all been so good to us! 

3 of the artists at the show
Photo Credit CJ104
Things are winding down for summer now but we have had a great season and so much support, friendship and fun. Yes, we work long hard hours but only for a few months and then we are in hibernation season again. I do enjoy the shop and all of the lovely people I get to meet, chat with, learn from and become friendly with.

The arts festival was awesome, so much talent, musical and artisan. So many varied people and styles, levels of experience and the energy is so wonderful. I am not an "airy fairy" person, but I do believe that the positive people and great personalities are what make this so successful. I never want to lose that!

Artisan Alley
Photo Credit Shawn Taylor
I will say that on Saturday I was tired and had to wonder IS THIS ALL WORTH IT? I had to hire two staff for the day and worried, could they do what I needed? Would they like me? Would I be too anxious or stressed and that would carry over to them? Well, I had two of the most amazing kids come work for me. First, they showed up almost an hour and a half early and then they just did what I asked... Oh, I was a bit hyper and talking fast, 3 hours sleep and a pot of coffee in me when they arrived and probably scared them a little, but once I saw they would do what I needed and then start to be creative and just find things to do without being guided every moment of the way, I relaxed and I think we worked great together! I would hire them again in a minute! Thanks Chloe and Matt!

Of course all of this was also possible with my wonderful friend and neighbour Margret, who every year I tell, NO I am OK, I can do it! She comes in anyway and works alongside us almost all day. She is a life saver and I am SO grateful for her! THANK YOU SO MUCH MISS MARGRET!!! She won't let me pay her so I have to find a creative way to thank her... I will work on that!

I am not an artist or a singer (well I think I can sing but the birds and bugs fly away when I do so I might be misguided in that thought!) but I even felt like a bit of an artist - food is my media - when I received so many wonderful compliments and words on what I do. It is simple fare but I do put all of my energy into it and I love when people like it. It warms my heart and I felt really successful at the end of the day. Thank you for all of the kudos!

Jessica's Jewelry 
Jessica had a wonderful day, she sang on stage -  she did really well! And she had her own booth selling cake pops, paintings, photographic art cards and earrings - all that she made herself. She had fun and did well. It is never too early to start, right? 
Jessica at her booth
Photo Credit J. Saunders

I wondered how Len did. He was in his shop all day, we sent him out food and drink so he would not waste away and he had people surrounding him most of the time. He had his first really successful arts festival day. Why? Because he let the rest go. He concentrated on his art and the public and didn't try to do other things. THAT made me realize, YES we keep on going forward!

Brokkr Forge
Photo Credit S. Taylor
My first artisan signed up at 4:01PM for the following year, welcome Brenda and Jean we LOVE having you! And the second artist of the year signed up this morning, Shawn Taylor, Brokkr Forge... I guess that means we ARE having a 4th festival....

So signing off for now and please, do put Aug 17, 2014 on your calendars OK? And if you need to order something wonderful to eat, check out our website for the farm! See you next year!