Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Where did the summer go?

As every summer ends I look forward to the quiet and peace of winter. Winter seems interminable and I greatly anticipate summer. Summer comes life zooms by, we are busy and the kids grow and we get older. Summer ends and I wonder, "Where did summer go?" I don't even feel I had time to smell the flowers. Autumn has hit and winter once again approaches...

This past spring and summer had the added trip urgency of one trip to Montreal and three trips to Halifax for Jessica and medical treatment and surgery. As a result she was housebound and had to remain inactive for much of the summer which added to my worry and concern but thankfully she healed well from an old injury and the fabulous doctor's in Halifax who repaired her. I was incredibly impressed with the treatment and care at the children's hospital and can't tell them enough how much that helped in how we dealt with everything. THANK YOU so much for the work you do - kudos to the doctors and nurses at the IWK!

Of course it wouldn't be enough to be able to focus exclusively on one child, no, Rachel was completing high school and preparing for graduation and prom. Now this is not like when I graduated almost 30 years ago and had one event to attend plus pictures done at the school by the same photographer everyone else used. 
 No, we had to hire a photographer (very pleased with her work) take additional grad poses and "environmental" photos for the yearbook. We had to make two trips to Moncton 3.5 hours away to choose and pick up the prom dress. We had to attend the grade 12 banquet/play, baccalaureate at the church, prom and graduation. Oh and I ALMOST forgot a graduation party was required!
Now, don't get me wrong it was lovely but in some ways seemed very overboard. I kept things as simple as I could and it was very expensive, I have no idea how some people did it. In addition to this my "farm" clothes were just not going to cut it so I had to dress out Len, Jess and I so we wouldn't look like hillbillies at these events either. (Apparently my man was over dressed but I think he looked adorable!) 
No, I wouldn't have passed on any of this. My daughter went through a lot to get through high school and I always promised her "when you graduate - you get it all" whatever it all was at the time. (I am now saving loonies in a jar for Jess' graduation in 6 years!) Yes it was worth it and I was incredibly proud of my baby girl and wish her the best as she got in her little car the day after graduation to drive west and begin her adult life.

Amid all of this we were happy to host Len's brother and family for a few days. They were great guests, jovial, enjoyed the farm, food and family but I got sick so have to say a heartfelt thank you to Lylia for keeping things going since I became a poor host. They did get the teepee put up though so that was awesome! That was a huge help to Len!

So summer arrived and the shop did amazingly well. I was very happy with the feedback and support from the locals and the lake people/tourists. I had many wonderful compliments on my food which makes me so happy since I never used to be able to bake very well. It seems that solitude and time on my hands has helped me work toward perfecting this craft. However due the great response I was too busy to do much else all summer. Oh well, can't complain there, just be grateful and know that before long I will have lots of time to sit, write, think, nap, watch the snow fall and perhaps paint some flowers and take the time to smell them? 

It is harvest and preservation time so I am working on that. Len's oldest daughter comes to visit next weekend and I plan to sit and enjoy a few glasses of wine with her and maybe get a little touristy. Jess and I have one final trip to Halifax. Len raised a cow with a neighbour so we will have good healthy meat for the year and we are even going on a little vacation soon to visit Len's daughter and family in Toronto, what more could I ask for? Life is good, I am very fortunate and blessed. I have a wonderful home, great family, husband I adore, children I love and who are growing well. And of course you, who are still here, actually reading... so thanks and have a great day!