Thursday, December 30, 2010

7-7-7 my wedding day AND the number of hits!

I find it very exciting to see today that my blog is at 777 hits! That is the day I got married 7-7-7! Not blogging today, I know everyone is busy, have lots to do... Clean up the Christmas decorations, get ready to get the kids back to school, get ready to go back to work and have a wonderful New Year's Eve! So thanks for reading it makes me feel like I might actually write something amazing some day. I do hope you have enjoyed the blog or portions of it to date! I like to write fact but I am now working on poetry and plan to enter some competitions. I don't expect a great deal from that, but this is the first time I have ever had poetry jump out of my head onto the screen. It is true, poignant, raw and I have been told lovely! We shall see! I said I wasn't blogging today but in my thank you I have blogged, ironic? I think!

My kids are home for another week. I have had a little (HUGE) shock and found out I lost my income about 6 weeks earlier than planned! So when we shop today, nothing for mom! Oh well, that is the story of a mom's life right? The kids have some Christmas money and are hoping that the roads cooperate and we have  nice day in Fredericton! (I have heard from a shoe-a-holic and world class shopper that shall remain nameless! P.Casanave!) That Fredericton has her Favourite shoe store in the world so I must get there someday! Today, we hit boxing week!

Have a great day all! Feel free to leave comments to inspire me and I can only hope that from time to time I make you think deeper or have an amusing anecdote that you enjoy! If you don't like it, you can tell me that too! (I will try not to cry TOO loudly!) Have a wonderful day and I wish you and yours an amazing 2011!

HAPPY NEW YEAR'S EVE .... tomorrow!

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