Thursday, April 21, 2011

YEE HA! We'se gunna have us a good ol' fashion' barn raisin'!

Well, if I haven't said it before, I'm a sayin' it agin... WE HAVE THE BEST NEIGHBOURS! We don't broadcast it, but we don't keep it quiet either... we had a rough trip. Cash flew out the window and we did our part to help the economic growth in the small towns across Canada. We are now in New Brunswick and trying to figure out how to make money grow on trees so we can build fencing, pasture lands, a barn, garden and so much more. Well, we have GREAT neighbours.

All of you who told us the nicest people you will ever meet live in the Maritimes... you were right! We have not had any really negative experiences; we have met people who are willing to help, lend, give, build, tear down and put their ears to the ground to find what we need. Just a few weeks back Len bought an old used table saw, big mother, cast iron, takes 4 or 5 men to move it. He got the deal because he mentioned he needed one and someone told someone who told someone who had one. That's just how things work around here. I have learned not to put it out there if I don't want to get it.

That fellow then met Len and talked about our plans. He heard we need a barn and fencing and thought we were nuts to rip down an old barn instead of simply buying supplies. (When I say "we" I mean "Len" will rip the barn down.) Len explained our dilemma in the gold bullion department and this fellow took it upon himself to start calling around to find us cedar fence posts and fencing wire. He also volunteered to pick it up in Bangor, Maine if we wanted to get it from there. (Incidentally, Stephen King the world famous author, is from BANGOR!!!)  

Today I was home, baking for the market, when I heard a truck pull up. Out walks the neighbour who is looking for Len. I explained Len and his ailing back (4 compressed arthritic discs and a bad hip) was gone for the day to pull down the old barn with another neighbours help. Again, this fellow mentioned our craziness, I concurred. Having said that, I reiterated we were without funds to help the economic growth of the local lumber company and had to satisfy ourselves with assisting in beautifying the property where the barn was via removal. I asked if there was a message and there was. "Tell Len not to worry about buying fence posts. I brought these cedar trees and we can get them in the ground to make posts for your pasture." I was bowled over and very appreciative. I also mentioned we had found a pretty good deal on some that I was saving up to buy so we would have more soon. He clarified, "Nope, I am bringing more and you aren't buying any. They should all be in by the weekend so he can put the posts in next week." WOW! Not much else to say on that is there???

So, this takes me back to the barn raising. We have mentioned this to several people and they are for it. They say this is how it used to be done so why not? We will get the supplies together, lay out the plan, set a date and cook up a storm and then ... We is gunna raise a barn! So papa's going to make a plan and mama's going to bake up some beans and buns, girls will babysit and the neighbourhood builders are coming over! Date To Be Announced and invitations to be sent!

Moral of the story: There are still very good people in the world. People who are willing to help others, be good neighbours and keep the good old country life alive. We are here to help our neighbours, although there doesn't seem to be much we can do for them at this point, but I am sure we will in the future. We will try to give back and not just take. We have learned not to mention you need something because you just might get it!

Now, Easter is coming, it is the Wednesday before Good Friday. We have been invited to the Easter breakfast and then apparently Jessica is going to sing with her friend in church so we will attend the service. Yes a true country Baptist service. Jessica does assure me that not only does the aging pastor speak, but others as well. I shall make sure Len does NOT eat beans at the breakfast so that his flatulence is flat and he stays awake. We will then have an Easter egg hunt at home and our big dinner. On Monday the Rec Council is putting on an Easter party which Jessica will enjoy and Rachel will help run the party. I plan to enjoy this weekend and relax, finish up a paid job and eat chocolate!

So, on that note, have a great weekend! 
Enjoy your family, friends and your times together!

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