Thursday, May 19, 2011

Busy baking and prepping for the coffee shop!

Well not too much time here, the week has been a big rush! Quotes out on websites! Busy having the "L" team (Len & Larry) work around the place. School and dance events happening. NOW baking for the farm market Friday and our "Soft Opening" of the coffee shop on Saturday! So much to do!

I wanted to share this link to the latest article printed - part two - of our move and transition which was published in the May/June issue of Synergy Magazine. Take five minutes to enjoy! While you are there peruse the other great articles that Synergy authors share.

Have a great day! It has stopped raining in Fosterville, the sun peeks through from time to time and I am baking up a storm for the Farmer's Market! Join our Facebook group to keep up to date with what is happening at the Farm and Coffee Shop and when we reach 60 members we draw for a FREE Golden Unicorn T Shirt and loaf of bread! (If you live far away I can just mail you the T shirt!) Invite your friends! Just click on the link and you can join!

OK have to work the yeast is rising and I better rise to the occasion as well! 

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.........Sarah Sherman said...

From Rose F: Sarah
There is much to be admired and i truely believe that many mothers can gain much strength from you and the expample you have shown. Many times we tend to forget our strengths when we are put in situations.
Thank You

From Sarah S: THANK YOU Rose! I am glad you gained something from my article and story... I never think that your reaction will be what I hear... But... when I do, it is very overwhelming.... so thank YOU!