Friday, January 27, 2012

A good old fashioned baby pool!

We are holding a contest! Check out our Facebook group Golden Unicorn Farm - Fosterville  and enter our Baby Pool contest! I am posting some pictures and some updated information. As you know from previous blogs, I thought the kids were due last Wed, then I thought they were due tomorrow! However, I took some detailed explicit pictures for some goat whisperer's I know and they gave me some advice... the kids will be born somewhere in the next 3 days to 3 weeks!
So let's have a baby pool! Whoever guesses the date and time (closest guess to the delivery of the first kid wins) will get one free loaf of bread - your choice and one dozen free range eggs - all from our farm! 

Here are the pictures, read past few blogs if you would like more details! You must join the Facebook group and make your answer on the link that has the question. You can see other voters guesses at that time. So, vote away! Feel free to invite your friends. If the winner is not local they will be sent a few freebie gifts of our choice.

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