Thursday, February 21, 2013

Have you heard the one? About the dog and the goat?

Luki and Freya waiting for me to cuddle
Imagine the look on my face today as I drove home from work, during the latest snow fall and about a 1/8 mile from my house, who approaches me, going for a jog, but my dog, followed by my goat? Yes, they decided to go to the lake for the day apparently the pasture was no longer enticing to them. Maybe they thought they would try ice fishing?

We have had a LOT of snow in the past month and it has risen, melted, disappeared and reappeared once again. A week ago my beloved left for Toronto and I have been in charge of the menagerie of creatures in the barnyard. While he was away we have had several heavy snow falls which I have diligently shoveled  a few times a day, hauled wood in as required, fed the chickens, collected eggs and attempted to keep my goat Miss Freya and my dog Luki happy in their habitat. 

It has been a lot of work on my own, but rewarding, fun and the physical work has felt good too. I am glad Len got to go see his family but I am also really glad he is coming home... especially since I have AWOL animals. The kids have had two snow days and I have spent the other two days working, so not much time off for me. 
At least the chickens behaved while Len was away!
I was driving up the road toward my house and had just passed Sandy Beach Lane when coming down the hill, sauntering with his swagger, was my boy Luki... as if this was not shocking enough Freya was coming behind him casually swinging her head checking out the view. It's a good thing I wasn't chewing anything because I would have choked on it!

Freya peeking out of the barn...
I slowed down, almost to a stop and opened my drivers door, half hanging out I called "Hey Luki! Come on boy! Come see mama!" He toddled on over with a big "smile" on his face like "Hey ma! S'up?" Freya was right behind him and of course she doesn't want to miss out on anything, so here they both are, half way into the truck with me... I let my foot off the brake and began to move slowly forward as they both followed me and trotted alongside, me continually talking and encouraging them to come with me. 

As I laughed and talked to them and inched forward I was really hoping that one of those big ass logging trucks did not come flying around the bend... or we would be having goat ala dog ala mama for supper. (Would that make me a shepherd's pie?) I was worried they might not stay with me and wander off, but they seemed very happy to join me up the hill and into the driveway. (Apparently they had already spent the day sightseeing in the neighbourhood.)

Freya sneaking Luki's food
I had just got out of the truck when Rachel pulled in behind me, with a wide opened mouth and tongue hanging out, she just said "I TOLD YOU SO!" and helped me keep them nearby. (She had been very upset about the fence line but there was really nothing I could do to fix it.) I opened the back of the truck very grateful that I had just picked up hay and so was Freya, she just stood up and started eating, I knew she wasn't headed anywhere for awhile. Luki stayed close since I had some bacon fat in my hand and that was all he needed for motivation. 

I flagged down a neighbour driving by, I was going to need his help to herd the dog and goat through the barn to the second barn and lock them up early for the night. He was very cooperative and  informed me that they had been loose since about 10am when he saw Luki running down the road earlier. You see, with all of the snow and the plows and the kind neighbours who plowed when I wasn't home, we no longer had a fence line. The snow had almost completely buried the fence on both sides and my animals simply had to walk over.

Now, what to do? Len isn't home until tomorrow night and I am going to have to keep the poor things in the barn until we either find a way to dig out the fence OR tether them... Oh well, how many times in your life can you say "Did you hear the one about the goat and the dog? They were walking down the street and ..."

This was a picture of the fence last Sunday, you can no longer even see the fence.
This is Luki out for his walk-a-bout at the neighbours up the road

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