Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Typing away... and a little reward!

Len and I are both working hard this winter to spend more time writing. I am trying to write short stories   not over thinking them. Just bashing out some work to get the creative juices flowing. Then back to my masterpiece!

We both entered CANADA WRITES CBC creative non fiction last year (no neither of us even hit the long list!) Last week we both submitted stories to the fiction contest and this weekend CANADA WRITES posted a new contest, a quickie! Bloodlines - a true story with a photo, no entry fee, so what the hell! We may as well!

We have discussed how they must select winners, judge, etc. Yesterday I noticed that stories are being instantly published! Well I was having trouble coming up with a story that hit the criteria, but managed to pound one off last night. I found it very tough to write a detailed interesting story in only 500 words. My blogs are longer than that!

Anyway, I did it and so did Len. Imagine our surprise this afternoon as we both sat down at our computers after lunch to discover an email telling us our stories had been published! So, with that said, I invite you to have a read at both my story and Len's story.

My story is the story of "The Long Walk" a day that my friend and I went to the store, only to be brought home after a massive police hunt searching for us. (Just click the link below the picture.)
Len has shared a story about his mom "The Transformation" and his memories of her... Quite a read! (Just click the link below the picture.)
That's it for now! Have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to both of you, great stuff to be published with CBC!

...Sarah Sherman said...

Thank you for the comment! We are having fun with it!