Monday, December 30, 2013


As I sit here thinking about what I want to do in January, I am watching a few snow flakes fall, listening to Len shovel the drive (again) and waiting for Jessica to wake up. It is Monday morning, December 30th, we just had another good dump of snow and the new year is on the horizon. 

Many people develop New Year's Resolutions - often they are things we can't follow for long or aren't motivated to continue - but maybe we don't make the right resolutions, maybe that is why they don't seem achievable. I saw this picture on a Facebook page and it seems doable, realistic and makes sense. It also focus' on what is truly important for each of us, 12 Steps to Self Care. My wish for 2014 is that I can learn this mantra and the my girls can too - we tend to take things too personally or too seriously... Just let go of what we can't control and be kind to ourselves, seems like a good idea to me!

I am entering the new year of 2014 feeling very grateful for what I have, the people I love and for who I have become. Nine Christmas' ago I never believed I would feel at peace again. I had just buried my first husband, I had a 3 year old recovering in a full body cast from a car accident and a 10 year old who was so traumatized and lost that she would not let me out of her sight. It was strange Christmas but one that I will never forget. My parents were crucial to my survival and my mom moved in for 6 weeks to care for us all, day and night. My Dad gave me that gift of my Mom with his complete love and support and Christmas day, Dad took over the role of putting toys together, playing games with the girls and telling me how much he loved me. My best gift that day was a 2 hour soak in the tub with time alone, as my folks distracted my girls and  gave me some space from being needed every second. Those moments in the bathroom, door locked, classical music on (so I couldn't hear anyone banging on the door or calling for me) were cathartic.

My little monkey!
Today, 9 years later, I am surrounded with love from my adoring husband, my great kids and a few really good friends, near and far. I never believed I would own a home again, but I do. I have learned that Christmas is not about the stuff, it is about the love and being together. This year I made a pact to keep things simple, affordable, local and sustainable and we pretty much achieved that.
Len, all tuckered out!
Nothing was over the top or going to put us in the poor house and we were all happy with how it went. We sure did miss Rachel though! Of course she was busy in Vancouver cooking her turkey dinner and talking to me every 45 minutes to walk her through it, so with that and some Skype time, I didn't feel all that far away from her.

A care package for Rachel
A must for a care package,
Authentic Nanaimo Bars!
 Of course we remembered Rachel and sent her a care package that, as we speak is somewhere in a car driving through Northern Ontario - making its way to her new home. Yes, practical, sent her baking goods, recipes and already baked goods! A little taste of home... Maybe she will make herself and her room mate some good old fashioned multigrain bread, just like mom used to make...
My Kitchen My Favourite Place!
We now move forward into 2014 and as I look at the year ahead I am feeling a little lost. Why? Well, things slow down drastically for me and I  need to set tasks for myself to remain
focused and not to get too lazy. My days will have some routine, getting Jessica off to school, morning coffee by the fire with my handsome, puttering away, lunch with my lover and then write or sew or prep for market, welcome Jessica home in the afternoons, followed by a family supper, homework and then off to bed again. It is a comfortable routine and I should add some winter walks with Len and Duncan into that schedule.

I hope that in 2014 I become more sustainable in my routines, do more to treat my earth and planet better, make even more of my gifts for next Christmas, have a successful year doing what we do out here in our little bit of the country and maybe get to see my parents again. Happy New Year!

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