Sunday, March 2, 2014

Poems from the Heart and Hearth - Released soon!

The last two weeks have been busy with excitement around here. I confirmed my flight for Jessica and I to head out west, Alberta and then drive to BC to visit family. I had been hoping for a long time to go and finally the opportunity presented itself. YAY! I haven't been home for almost three years and a lot has changed. I know I can't see everyone I would like to visit with and hope that I don't offend anyone but there are only so many hours in a day...

When I left, my parents lived on Vancouver Island, BC, they are now in Lethbridge, Alberta. So that adds extra mileage to my journey. We need to fly into Calgary, drive to Lethbridge, spend 8 days visiting with my parents and other family members. Then drive to Vancouver to see my daughter and try to get a few other things done while there. Then drive back to Calgary and fly out again to Fredericton. I think I am already tired thinking about it! (Yes I plan to bake and be at market on the Friday that week when we return!)
40th Anniversary

50th Anniversary
I am very excited to see my baby, it will have been 9 months since she left home and now she has an apartment and lives in Vancouver. I expect to see many changes in her - she has grown up a lot. However, the really tough part will be seeing my father. Dad is no longer at home, he has been in a facility with dementia and other debilitating health issues. He has lost a lot of weight rapidly and I need to see him while I still can and while he still remembers me. I realize this will be a bittersweet trip. I know it will be as hard for him to have me see him as it will be for me to be there. I must be strong. I must not allow any outbursts or anger to turn me away. I must go back again, even if it hurts.

I decided to put a compilation of poems together into a book to share with him. I have dedicated the book "Poems From The Heart and Hearth" to my dad. I hope he likes it. I hope he understands how much he means to me and how much I miss him. I hope he sees love and not pity in my eyes.

I never wrote much before we started our journey East and now I find it liberating and cathartic. I can say on paper what I can't say out loud. I can express my thoughts and emotions without breaking down and crying. I have found a way to share and I am hoping that others enjoy the journey through the book with me. The book, poetry and photos have brought back many memories for me. I plan to publish a book of short stories later this year - stories from the past and my imagination. I may never write the great Canadian novel, but authors, Alice Munro and Mavis Gallant - had entire careers on short stories. It could happen!

Having said that, the book "Poems From The Heart and Hearth" has now been sent to the publisher and I await with baited breath the final copies. Yes, they are available for sale and a nominal fee! Yes I am shamelessly promoting them, but, remember, if you order one now - I can bring them West with me to save shipping fees and sign a copy for you! Now, how is that for a deal? Only $15.00 per copy- shipping extra.

Now time to get back to my day, finish dishes, pack in wood and since it is March break, drive Jessica over to visit a friend. Life is good out here in the woods. 

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