Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Spring Opening! Or OMG will we be ready in time?

The Welcome Window
For the last couple of years we have run a little farm gate type coffee shop out here at the lake. It is always a bit of a panic and last minute affair. This year was especially tough since  winter lasted 6 months and the snow just disappeared; and until last week we were still lighting a fire to stay warm - which was a problem since  the wood porch is my summer shop. Friday morning at 6AM Len was up painting the floor after the final "little reno's" of the week so that we would be able to set up and open on Saturday morning at 9AM.

Historically I have had EI or worked part time which all helped me with my start up costs. Since I haven't worked since October,  I no longer have any other income and the farm market has been very slow, it was a bit stressful pulling things together. Not only was I counting pennies to get started, I didn't have an ice cream freezer! I finally decided Friday night to take the meat out of my freezer and store it at a neighbours so I would have some place to keep the ice cream for my customers.

Up until about two weeks ago we still thought we were going to expand, but my handsome husband is just not physically up to it and his health and comfort is much more important than expansion. So, here I was, Friday night, ice cream in my freezer, coffee machine ready to go, a newly painted shop and nothing, whatsoever in the room! Stress? Yup a little! On top of that, both Len and my backs were in pain and we were a bit of a mess. (I did find staying slightly inebriated very helpful though!) On the upside, although it was damp and dreary, the black flies and June bugs haven't arrived yet!

Giant Fresh SINbuns
Saturday morning, 4AM I was up, mixing 4 batches of cinnamon buns and a couple of batches of bread so that I would have SOMETHING besides ice cream to serve. Poor Len was up at 6AM again to help put it all together, what a trooper! Of course, the hot long weekend did not come to fruition so besides my coffee machine and cinnamon buns, it was pretty quiet. I did finally sell 1 ice cream cone to little Riley Fish at 9:30AM on Sunday morning... 

Although I did not make my fortune this weekend, it gave Len and I lots of time to putter, set up and decide he is no longer allowed to build, he is only allowed to be brilliant and create (and shovel chicken shit, yes that is still his job!) I have also decided to try my hand at a little fun painting and in addition to my writing I have added artist/author to my resume! I did sell 4 books this weekend, so that felt good!

Golden Unicorn Publishing/Art Gallery
Taking a break to pose
Hopefully this weekend is a bit busier and that sun pops out so I can serve the ice cream. We plan to start serving Saturday pizza's this year, but as mentioned until I earn some coin, there are no pizza supplies, so it is not looking good for pizza this week. How about by the beginning of June? Yes, that sounds like a definite plan! It was really great to start seeing people come back though. I have some very loyal die hard customers, local and lake people and I want to thank them for their ongoing support. You guys make it all fun and worthwhile!

It is now fiddlehead season and although I don't go out and pick them, I bought some from the market and plan to pickle them tomorrow. Always a culinary delight! I love them sauteed with garlic or in a creamy fiddlehead soup. Many of New Brunswick natives like to boil the fiddleheads and then rinse in vinegar, sounds good too! I even hope to get a garden in if the rain every stops! 

On top of dusting off the winter webs, we gave up our farm market booth and I have now taken over the market cafe - so on Friday's you can come see me, get my baking and maybe have some brunch or lunch! Yes, for a woman who used to avoid cooking except for big family meals, I have gone completely local, sustainable, mostly organic and definitely home made! Hope to see you soon - either in Woodstock on Friday or out here in the shop! Weekends only until July 1st then open all summer! Check out our website or Facebook page to keep up to date!

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