Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Trip...

I am currently sitting in Swift Current Sask, waiting for more repairs… My fault really, I was feeling good about our trip and we were driving along the highway. We left Alberta yesterday and Larry’s parting comment was…. “You are good to go! I don’t anticipate any more problems along the way. Done everything I can for the truck and trailer….” I am thinking Larry jinxed us! Thanks Larry! You NEVER say never!

The journey started out promising… we spent all of the last day loading up, realizing there was not enough room for much of what had been saved to the last minute, things I just did not want to part with! Trudi ran to the bus depot the morning of the move to get a list on what it cost to send boxes out and it did not seem to crazy so that was the plan! Off I sent Debra to get boxes, Trudi got the rates, Karen and Roslyn and I went through last minute packing, sorting, giving away, donating to the crazies across the street (who think they hit the frickin’ mother load!) Karen was trying to throw everything in the garbage and Roslyn packed our suitcase… we went from a large Rubbermaid bin to a small overnight bag for two of us! She was great… we just realized later that poor Len had one shirt, 2 t shirts and just the pants on his bum! OOPS!

I was so appreciative of my friends as I would never have made it out that day. Talk about crazy! People coming and going, saying goodbye, helping, picking up stuff… Paul the sweetheart that he is brought us a beautiful flat of cedar and arbutus saplings to plant trees in our new yard that reminded us of home. Sorry! No room!

Of course I could not only concentrate on packing and get the last load into the trailer and truck bed but also had to do banking, get a prescription filled, a few quick errands, speak at the final assembly of the year as PAC chair and … hmmm.. something else…. Oh ya EAT! Thanks Roslyn for making me stop to breathe and eat. (If you don’t tell anyone I will admit that I was a little tense that day!) Sadly the last assembly and my presentation were a bit weak… it was hard to say what I felt and to put across the importance of a PAC in the school to parents… Well I tried, I did my part and I worked with an amazing group of people. Many of whom will remain friends for life. I truly hope others come forward to help the kids and school…

I then rushed out of the assembly on to more errands, final goodbyes and had to have Elaine drop Jess off at home for me so that I could get my butt and the family on the ferry for 5pm! I wanted to be in the line up about 3pm since I was concerned the line up may be crazy. So I rushed frantically starting to work up a sweat a tad jittery and … yes… manic! Of course I am always easy to get along with and never tense in a way others can notice (at least that is what I think!) however, I apologize for snapping at Iona but really it was a bit of a rough time and I admit I was not at my most patient. My apologies Iona!

Meanwhile as the whole move was progressing my poor daughter Rachel was torn between going and the sadness she felt at missing her boyfriend and friends. There was a lot of crying that day! Weeping, wailing and my god the mascara companies could NOT keep up! My heart felt for her, her first love, her first loss, they have great hopes for the future and they may materialize, but if not, then she has loved and lost which was better than to have never loved at all. (Or so they say!)

We made it to the ferry with plenty of time to spare. We were first in line which allowed Rachel time to pull herself together. Len and I had a moment to relax and calm down after a month of heartfelt goodbyes. Pulling onto the ferry we felt we were on our way. As we sat on the boat, watching Nanaimo drift into the distance we knew that we would be back, or would we? With all that life has to offer and all that can go wrong or change maybe we wouldn’t be back… I know that these were thoughts that had haunted Len as he said goodbye to his friends and family. I know in my heart he will be back, but he has to believe it to.

About 10 minutes after we had been on the ferry Len’s eyes started to flutter, his head nodded and he drifted away. I was tired but not ready to relax… and then my phone knocked, I had a text. Brandi’s long awaited baby had arrived! She gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, 8 lbs 8 ozs! I had to wake Len up to tell him as I could not contain my excitement! Congratulations Brandi, James and beautiful little boy… we can’t wait to see you. IF WE EVER GET THERE! We are grandparents again and know that you will be the most wonderful and loving parents.

We drove off the ferry and off to meet Paula and Steve for dinner… they later helped us top up the oil and get us on our way. We drove to Hope BC for our first night on our journey and as we parked the truck and trailer so it wouldn’t be stolen, we all congratulated ourselves on a good first day!

Do stay tuned as we have been gone since June 28th and now it is July 8th we have managed to get almost across 4 provinces and met many kind mechanics along the way! Yes we are doing OUR part to help advance the economy in the small towns of Canada…. More to come…

See you next week!


Diane said...

You are an amazing story teller ... please keep this going! I think you have a future in this!

Sarah S, said...

Thanks Di I plan to work at it! I do appreciated your educated comment though! Watch for what comes next!