Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Extra! Extra! Read all about US!

I just can't say enough about how great our experiences with people here have been. They are so wonderfully kind, supportive and friendly! Please read the Farm Market report from today's local paper. I thought the nice couple buying from us the past few weeks were JUST nice people, BUT, they are also very great promoters and have kindly profiled our 'little' operation out here in Fosterville! Thank you Keith and Ellen Helmuth for your suport!

I have also included a couple of new pictures of baking products and garden stakes that we have made to sell this week at the market! ENJOY! (Plus, if you were unable to open the Synergy article I posted, see the posting from this morning where I entered a direct link to read my article!) Ciao!

Cheese filled and topped Breadsticks

Peanut Butter Raisin Bread - Special Request!

Garden Stakes Len made $2 each or 6 for $10

My barn! 

Farm Market Report for Tuesday March 22
Keith Helmuth

Whole Grain Bread and Sticky Buns

One of the important functions of the Woodstock Farm and Craft Market is serving as an incubator for small business development. For many creative people, turning out a product is the natural and easiest part of going into business, but the marketing step is harder to figure out. Setting up in the Farm Market is a good way to “get your feet wet” in the marketing game.

Sarah and Len Sherman are the newest entrepreneurs in the Farm Market, but you can tell from their products and display that they are old hands in marketing their creative work. And they have a development plan. Sarah has started with items that pick up on the heart of the Farm Market tradition – home baking.

Just one look at her products and you can tell that Sarah knows about making good bread – rich brown whole-wheat, a hearty multi-grain loaf, and that perennial breakfast favorite – raisin bread. Then comes the down home flourish – giant sticky buns with cream cheese filling and lemon glaze. The breads cover the nourishment detail and the sticky buns satisfy the sweet tooth.

The Sherman’s plan for Golden Unicorn Farm includes a market garden, chickens and goats. They plan to add vegetables and eggs to their market stall products as the season advances.

Meanwhile, Len Sherman, an artist, writer, publisher, and former sailor has a variety of his products on display and for sale. He has two books on the adventures of high seas sailing and a large rack of lovely cards featuring his original artwork. One of Len’s cards will add a valued touch to your correspondence the next time you write a “thank you” note, or present a gift to someone. Hallmark cards may cover the waterfront of occasions, but there is something extra thoughtful about a personal note on an original art card that mass-market products cannot convey.

The Shermans add another element of value to the Farm Market. They are great conversationalists. Most people who regularly come to the Market are there for more than this or that product. Conversation is also the “bread and butter” of the Farm Market.

Farm Markets are the original “hangout” place, the place to meet friends and neighbors, catch up on the news of local doings, review the weather, talk crops and seasons, swap recipes, jaw about the economy and world news, share stories of adventures old and new - whatever comes to mind and strikes up interest. That’s the thing about the Woodstock Farm and Craft Market on Friday’s; you’re bound to meet someone you know, but then you might make new acquaintances as well.

If you have an interest in sailing, stop by the Sherman’s stall and talk to Len. Pick up some bread and buns, ask Sarah about their plans for Golden Unicorn Farm, and get a forecast on the products you can expect to see on their table in the months to come. The Shermans are at their stall on market day – Friday. The Woodstock Farm and Craft Market is open six days a week, 10 to 4. The Market opens at 8am on Friday.