Friday, July 8, 2011

The final Synergy issue - My journey and new life!

Len and Jess on Father's Day (Rachel is hiding and I am photographer)
We are across the border, looking at the view to our home at the base of Green Mountain.

The whirlwind trip is over and I have returned to my reality. Here is a copy of the final installment of my articles to Synergy Magazine. Yes life on the island has moved on without us, we saw changes in the city, environment and people. Having said that, those who we know and love are still there and that is a wonderful thing! I have now happily returned to my little part of the world, life is slower and I slept well in my own bed. Thank you everyone for a great time, good visit and all the love! Until next time world.... (My return to reality includes laundry, floors to wash and baking to prepare!)

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Anonymous said...

Glad to see you again! My only wish is that we had more time and I in a better frame of mind...

Until we see each other again my friend...