Monday, August 1, 2011

T minus 13 and counting... T minus 12....

I have said it before and will say it again, life changes and life goes on.  I have been thinking about the weekends I spent in the olden days, back when my life was black and white; Friday meant what bar, what party and who remembers HOW we even got home? Now Friday nights mean grooving to the oldies (my version of the oldies, 70's and 80's) baking, mopping floors and going to bed by a crazy 10pm. I love the old songs as they bring back such strong memories that I might not have otherwise. Of course somethings would be nicer to forget, but for the most part - I accept the memories that are mine.

I don't miss the past or wish to be there again; but I am glad I lived through it and had fun. I have my memories, good and bad. I am grateful that I was looked after and allowed to continue to live even though some of the insane choices I made should have seen me otherwise. As a mother now I dread my girls going through those experiences but I know that we all make our own choices and choose our own path. I am living proof that we can change our path and live in a way that is fun, rewarding and give back to others. 

As I was sitting and writing this blog a friend posted the following quote on FaceBook and it seems apropos! “Do not regret growing older. It is a privilege denied to many.” Author unknown

I watch so many people complain about getting old, being unhappy, faces that are wrinkly, etc... We are all beautiful and need to show that more. Feel old? Get up and move around. Feel unhappy? Watch something funny, laugh, lighten up... no it won't solve everything but if what is making you unhappy is chronic, only you can change how you deal with it. Wrinkly face? Spend lots of money on products that don't work OR start to eat healthy and/or just accept that you earned every wrinkle on that face - each moment, every experience, arranged your molecules to where they sit today. Do you think when you are gone you will be remembered for being wrinkly? Or kind of overweight? Probably not. You will likely be remembered for complaining or always being unhappy - that is not what you should leave behind. Or do you want your family to remember the love? Joy you expressed? How much they wanted to spend time with you? Fond memories or negative? It is our choice...

I used to work way too much, overtime, evenings and weekends and I was trying so hard to move ahead. I wanted to be the next person chosen for the supervisory position, I wanted to move into management and move up the old ladder of success. (There is nothing wrong with moving up the ladder... but...) What wasn't ok was neglecting my family, working too much free overtime, putting my job first and my personal responsibilities second. This is still something I struggle with but I know now that when I die, I won't be remembered for all the hours I put into my old job. I WILL be remembered for my family, friendships, personality and what I give to others. So, no, I don't regret getting older and I do appreciate the knowledge I have gained.

Oh but I ramble! So now, what do I have to do? Finish my second batch of bread. White is baked and raisin bread is almost done. T minus 6 minutes and the bread will be ready. The coffee shop is slow today but that is OK since I feel a bit lethargic. Likely my feeling of blah is simply due to the ghost who has been haunting my house the last few nights and waking me up. Ghost? Oh yes! Maybe...!

All I know is there were noises in the kitchen that can't be attributed to any small animals and when my hero wandered the house room by room, turning lights on, in his superman underwear, he saw and heard nothing. I almost felt bad for waking him up! The house may be haunted but if so the ghost does not seem to do much but wake us up at night and rattle around the kitchen. Yes, would be much more helpful if it washed up and swept the floor but I will settle for it not terrifying me all night! My neighbour has requested if we train the ghost to clean that she would like to be the first to rent it out! The first night I heard noises I thought it was something supernatural, last night, not so sure, but we will see what tonight brings!

 Never stop dancing.

Everyone can sing 
(just not everyone else likes it)

Live, laugh, love 
an overused saying? Maybe not!

Next time I must share the stories of the animals on the farm, but for now, I have waxed on long enough. To all of my friends in various Canadian provinces have a great day! And to my other "fans" around the world, enjoy each moment and  make the great ones last!

Happy BC DAY! Happy New Brunswick Day! 

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.........Sarah Sherman said...

From John S: I was just reading through some of your stories and poems. Seems amazing that you`ve blossomed into this great story teller. Where ya been, until all these thoughts and feelings surfaced. Guess they were there all along. The beauty of your stories, poems,writings, musings etc is that they`re like putting on a pair of comfy slippers, they always feel easy to read, no subliminal subplots, just the real deal. What a gift. For you and for others.

From Me: Well thank you John, I so appreciate your thoughts and I am really glad you enjoy my words and style! :)