Saturday, January 19, 2013

My daughter has written, her thoughts on bullying...

After years of harassment and bullying my daughter has said enough... There is so much more that she could say, but she aired her emotions and feelings and is trying to share and help others, for this I am very proud. She posted her story on a Facebook site that Opposes Bullying. I am reposting her story, unedited how she posted it.

I've been debating whether or not I would post my story, but I think I will share.
My name is Rachel, I am 18 years old & i have never done anything like this before. Ever since i joined this page i have been reading many peoples story's and some of them really touched me. When I was younger, much younger, the bullying started when i was in a french school, so kinder garden to grade 2. I had many friends as did the other children, but i was one of the few kids that didn't understand the french at all. The teachers had their "favourite" students which were my friends, & i was the one that often got left out by the teacher and picked on. I would ask the teacher for help and she would often ignore me or give me a dirty look. My friends eventually stopped hanging out with me and no longer wanted to be friends, i got picked on bad. My mother then got fed up with it so I switched to another school. This Elementry school was not a french school, I was in this school from grade 2 to grade 7. Things went great there, had another click of friends, they didnt judge me, or didn't not like me because I couldn't speak french,they just were good friends. Until grade 4 hit. A new girl came to school and changed them all, i then started to get bullied very bad again, by five different girls, which i thought were my best friends. I was in therapy and nothing was working out for me. a couple months later i found out that my father had died and my sister had gotten badly hurt, this of course effected me even more and i didn't know what to do. Things weren't going good at school, nor the personal life. Couple months all that went down i went back to school and these girls were my friends again because they felt bad for me, i new this wasn't right, but i didn't have much choice but to be their friend or not, i just needed to be loved at that time. Of course the years flew by and then i was in high school, me and those five girls went into the same school together and said wed always be friends no matter what happened in high school, of course, that changed. They all found different friends and i was left hanging with nothing again. Few of those girls picked on me again with their new friends, I couldn't take it, And i didn't understand why it was all happening to me again.. I was hurt, lost, confused, Id go home crying everyday after school wondering what was wrong with me. Asking myself if i really belonged on this earth.What was the point of being here anymore? My mom then put me into more therapy. A couple months went by and it was grade 9, a boy i new that was in my class also got bullied at the high school very badly, I didn't know this.He was so quiet, always had a smile on his face.. I never talked to him, but i wish i had, because if i new what he was going through maybe things would of been different.. days went by and the school got terrible news that this boy had killed himself to get away from the bullys.. This hurt me, & effected me ALOT. To know that such a good human being was in such danger and no one even knew about it.. I still think back to that horrible day wishing i could have done something to help him.But it was too late. Semester 2 of grade 9 came, and i left that high school, the death of this boy effected me and i no longer wanted to go to school so i started home schooling. I thought this would of helped me. but it made me a lot more depressed, realizing i only had 2 or 3 friends..No one to talk to during the day, no one to hangout with, what kind of teenager life was this? I couldn't focus on my home schooling work, it didn't work out for me either. Being in that city with everything that went on in my life was to much. So i asked my mother if we could leave that province, and we did. Me, my mom, my sister, and step dad all moved to new brunswick.. whatever my mom could do to get these horrible memories off my mind she would. So we left, hoping that this new place would help me and i would find better friends and make new memories with great people. I moved to a small town, much different from what i was used too, A city girl moving to the country was definately hard on me but i figured it would be worth it. September came and i was in grade 10 when i started, girls looked at me strange and i then began to get picked on at this school too. I was nice and friendly to everyone. Wondering why these girls were picking on me? was it just because i was a new girl? did i dress funny? was it my accent? It didn't make sense. I am now in grade 12. And i have only made Two very good amazing friends here. High school is almost over and i am SO happy to be finishing school, When people say "oh you'll miss high school when its done" whatever,. I have been through enough in my life to tell you that no, You're wrong. School was hell for me. Sometimes i think and im amazed how truly lucky i am to still be here. After all the crap i have been through. I feel all this has made me stronger & the person i am today. i couldn't of done it without my amazing family. From now on I am going to try and help others the best way I can with bullying. NO ONE deserves it, Everyone deserves a chance to be happy. So if you see someone picking on someone. CHANGE it. Do something about it. You could be changing someones life forever..
I am Rachel Bethell and i oppose bullying, xo


Anonymous said...

This was a beautiful story; I am so sorry what happened to you...Bullying is not just cruel but sick. I hope your message and others touch anyone who reads it and pass it Forward.

Lynn said...

Thank you Sarah for your wonderful courage and determination to make a positive difference! You are, and will be, an inspiration to many!

Carol said...

So touching. Sorry that you had so many negative experiences with bullying. I know it has always been around but I think it has gotten much worse especially with girls. I wish you well in the future and with the anti-bullying programs.

...Sarah Sherman said...

This story was posted on Facebook my page, my daughters page and the I Oppose Bullying page. She has received so many words of concern, care, support and love, this has been so wonderful for her. To know that your pain and story and hope may help someone else... priceless... thank you everyone

Anonymous said...

Great Rachel! Good work - holding your head up & coming through hard times...Taking it day by day & not giving up, your ability to speak about how you feel, your support & compassion for others, & your love for your family. All of this speaks to your character. And if you have Hope & Love & continue to build your good character in the tough times, it will only bring more goodness in days to come!