Monday, June 27, 2011

I packed my bags, I`m ready to go, ... Leaving on a jet plane!

The much awaited and anticipated trip has arrived. 12 hours from now I will be sitting in the airport in Fredericton waiting to board with my girls. It is their first air travel and they are somewhat nervous and excited. I am only going for a week so my packing is not too tough - besides the fact that I don`t have much to take to start with. My girls however, well let`s just say I hope they are not overweight on their luggage and they get to board with it all. Can you imagine their devastation if they don`t get on with it!

Glenn is going to drive us and Len will stay home - will miss him tons and hope I figure out how to sleep without his human furnace to cuddle up to! Anita says she will check on him to see if he is ok - of course she won`t cuddle UP to him - just make sure he has all he needs!

7 days is not a great deal of time to see everyone I love  - my family and friends. I am making sure I get to spend several days with family though - I don`t know when I will see my parents again. The girls are staying for the whole summer and they have time to see everyone. Please do contact them it will make their day!

Back on the home front, Len shall keep the fires burning, the garden watered, the coffee on and the barn building moving forward. I hope he doesn`t overdo it and that he stops to eat. He doesn`t answer the phone much so I am hoping he checks the messages - we do have an arts festival in the works and he needs to stay on top of that too!

It is almost 1am, I had gone to bed but couldn`t sleep and I will be up again at 7am to finish the work and pack a small bag for myself. If you are on the list to see, I can`t wait! If you aren`t then I am sorry I will miss you this trip! Like I said, I am leaving on a jet plane, don`t know when I`ll be back again!

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