Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's the final countdown!

One month ago we opened our new little coffee shop. It has been a 'soft' opening, no real advertising except a few signs out front and the word of mouth. So far based on that method I've been pleased with the response. I ordered my official ad's via postcards that I'll pop into mailboxes in the next day or so. We have fun, prizes (every purchase wins a prize... anything from a Tshirt to a tote bag to a coffee mug to a coffee or a cookie!) and even a raffle! I hope the community will enjoy what we have to offer in the way of festivities as well as a bevy of baking.

I love my little coffee shop and the amazing fair trade organic coffee and tea. The baking is popular and we have some great customers who come regularly as well as new ones each day. (Thanks Anita, Bill and kids!) The coffee loyalty card is popular - buy 9 get one free, who doesn't like a promotion? I'll be updating the website and expanding my wares... You are ALL invited! I plan to continue opening every Saturday and Sunday and then when I return from BC I will be open daily - except Monday's - that's my day for Glenn and Edna! So looks like a busy summer - I hope it is financially exciting too!

In order to try to please everyone, I am just making a quick trip to BC so I can get back to help Len after I have settled the kids in. Due to Jessica's medical and legal appointments to tend to - they have made this trip possible. I am very excited to see my friends and family, in particular my parents. I don't know when I will see them again and in my minds eye they look the same as last year. It has been a hard year for them and they may look and feel very different. I worry about how it may be different but I hope to enjoy my time with them and let anything that might be troublesome stay out of our lives for that time period.

I plan to leave the girls in BC in the company and care of family and friends. Rachel needs some positive reinforcement after a year filled with confusing friendships and being completely shunned or cast out at times. People she thought were friends didn't seem to see past gossip and animosity which left her out in the cold more than once. She worked hard to gain respect in the community and sadly did not receive a well deserved reward. I only hope that going to BC she will realize how good life is for her and know that she does want to stay with me for the last few years of her high school. She loves her mom and wants to be here but, as I can attest to, a small country community can shut you out when you are a lonely teen. I have been there and experienced it. I had hoped to protect her more but I know that as it is I try to hard and that might hinder rather than help her. Love you baby girl, don't let things get you down and PLEASE come back to me.

Jessica is so excited to see her grandma and grandpa - she can barely stand it. The anticipation is overriding the fun she should be experiencing in the last few weeks of school and she is having more irrational emotional outbursts. I know she is struggling with the enthusiasm about going and the fear about being away from me for so long. You are a survivor baby girl - you have survived one of life's toughest tests and you will survive a summer without me.

Will I survive? I will... but after the relief at not having to tend to kids, drive them places, make "good" food for them constantly, do all the laundry, listen to their boredom and fight with them to help out just for five minutes ... after that all wears off... I will miss them desperately. The countdowns have started - 14 days until we leave - then 58 days until they return. I am grateful for a good phone plan and the internet. I will be able to keep up with them on Facebook and with good old Ma Bell. 

I start to tear up thinking about their little bodies needing hugs and their hands held while they are so far from me. My throat swells when I think about their sad voices when they have a bad day - who will know what to do for them? Will the person they are with be able to read those tell tale signs that something is wrong? I have explained that if they are sad and lonely they can't just come home... Do they really get that? Sigh.... I have to place my trust and faith in them and my friends and family - please watch them like your own, hug them when they need it and kick their ass when required!

In the meantime, my little coffee shop will be open 9 to 5 daily, I will try to get more website work, I will spend my day or two at the McLean's and I will struggle to keep my little homestead running with my husband. I have to take those 58 days and make them work ... for our family... for our future. My hope, my goal, is to give my girls a finished home when they return. The clock is ticking, there is SO much to do... 

June 18/19 - Grand Opening     June 25 - Barn Raising   June 28 - July 7 - trip to BC
June 11 - get my laying birds    June 12 - August 24 - work my ass off

Have a great night everyone! I don't know who is playing hockey or what the score is, but I know that I am homesteading and building my future and I love where I am. Take a moment to appreciate all you have, the people who are there for you and the people you would give your life for. This is Sarah, signing off from Fosterville, New Brunswick - Golden Unicorn Farm

Post Script: If you are enjoying what I have been writing just take a moment to let me know via the reactions. If you don't or think I have become dull or less interesting and life is too busy to read this, please let me know that too, ok? I have to say I have not felt particularly inspired lately and don't want to wear out my welcome on your beloved computer! Have a good one, eh?


.........Sarah Sherman said...

Hey Sarah,

Don't stop writing. It's a way for you to connect to people. You have a way with words that make it meaningful yet at times we can laugh and go yep or feel the same sadder feelings. Although people might not give you a lot of feedback (myself included), its not that I don't take the time to read you blogs. Take care and have fun in BC, I imagine your family and friends are estatic to see you coming back for a visit.

Anonymous said...

Still reading and amazed at how much of the load you take on. For many just the driving around of Three people and taking care of a household would be enough. Where you find the energy and enthusiam from to do all the rest only the good Lord knows. Keep writing and inspiring us.
your Anon buddy.

Anonymous said...

Sarah, what would I do with out my Sunday read? It's like having you in my house. You always make me smile, I'm always amazed at how much you do, and what a wonderful friend and mother you are. Keep it up...you are loved by many! <3 <3

.........Sarah Sherman said...

Thank you everyone. I was and wasn't looking for the feedback I got. I was looking to find out if anyone even wanted to read my ramblings and then I got such a wonderful sweet response. Thank you all. OK you are STUCK with me ;)...