Saturday, June 25, 2011

It's raining, It's pouring, the Barn building is not boring!

Happier than a pig in poop!
Today was the big day! We have been talking barn raising for months and after much planning, a lot of de-construction, plenty of baking and cooking and a great neighbourhood full of helpers, we are going to "git 'er done!" Well, we have been trying! The weather did not want to cooperate and although the meteorologist called for "light rain of 2-4mm in a 24 hour period" the heavens opened and thunder, lightning, monsoons and even a few short power outages all deluged the best laid plans! 
You, Men! Work!
Clayton, Has helped TONS since we moved!
Brendan & Bill, Father/Son Team
The rain  and damp, wet cold, did not stop my mountain men from continuing on! WOW! Personally, I was glad to have the job of keeping coffee on, baking cookies, muffins and making lunch. I was tired and busy but MUCH warmer than the wet guys who stopped to change wet clothes about every hour or two. Who said there aren't hero's anymore? Bill and Brendan have spent the last couple of days here. Clayton has been in and out helping and checking on things. Georg has been contributing with his expertise, Gary S. came by to help and bailed us out with a huge bucket of needed nails, Doug showed up and worked for a few hours - even though it was his birthday! Forgive me because I am sure I am forgetting someone else! Thank you guys!

Anita brought us burgers and dips and breads for dinner last night and stayed late to help make pies. She also contributed greatly to my cracking open a few bottles of red to keep going. Only a TRUE friend will bake and drink with you! We traded recipes and give great thanks to our friends at ! Sandra dropped off cornbread and peanut butter cookies, big hit! Margret popped in and washed up all the tough pots and pans for me. Wonderful friends ladies thank you! (For some reason there are no pictures of the women - the real workers behind the scenes, I guess?)

The kids have been good, eating up a storm, not complaining too much about the bad weather and their parents being preoccupied. Kudo's to our children! They even decided at 8:30 at night to walk up to the Leeman's and were ready to challenge any bears! (Of course only a rabid insane bear would mess with 4 messy, dirty, noisy little ruffians - so we figured they were pretty safe!) 
Today was long - for the men particularly. They barely began this morning when the sky let loose upon them. I am so impressed with their fortitude and clearly when these men have a mission, nothing stops them. I know that we are new here and we are really pleased that we have became good friends so quickly. I realize this is not the case for everyone. We have made an effort to accept others for who they are and have worked to fit in rather than trying to make the community fit us. It is working and this weekend is evidence of that. It is my great pleasure to know that although not all participants were necessarily on good terms with each other, they let their differences stand aside to help us. What a tribute! 
A long day, people coming and going - all so helpful!

I am proud to call this place my home and these people my friends.
Dear Fosterville and area, THANK YOU ALL for making us so welcome

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Anonymous said...

Loved the picture of Lenny standing watching with his hands in pockets, I had a great laugh. OK Len, I know you worked and were just taking a break, but where did you hide the beer?

Plaster Rock friend.