Monday, September 19, 2011

A chicken crossing the road is poultry in motion

The Giving Farm  

Hens give eggs.
Pigs give ham.
Cows give milk.
Strawberries give jam.
Bees give honey.
Goats give cheese.
Farms give food,
I'd like some, please.

(Vicki Witcher)

     Since moving to New Brunswick and falling in love with my new home, community, land, lakes and every other delight that I have come to adore, I finally realized what has made this my TRUE home. I could tell you it is having a house - yes! Or the peace and quiet that we enjoy - yes! There is one thing though that I have finally understood makes it all complete - my community. 
     I have blogged over the past year about the help and friendship we have been offered. I have tried to describe the acceptance we feel, the support received and the peace we experience. This last week it hit home to me. I knew that I felt I was home but I think I now know why. This is kind of how I grew up and I guess as much as I have tried to distance myself from so much in my life, I have gone back to my roots and those roots will start to grow here.
     I made a pact with my family NOT to volunteer for one year and pretty much managed to keep that pact. I have started to help out more as much as I can without draining myself and I believe I have made some life long true friends. My neighbours and community will step forward and help even when not asked. If I indicate something we need to accomplish or acquire, someone shows up to help or finds a way for me to get it used or recycled for a great price.
     I was worried all summer that my teen might not want to return to New Brunswick, since she has spent the last summer in her home town. I  worried that with the bit of freedom she  has had she might stay there. It wouldn't be ok with me, but I know that realistically you can't force someone who is almost 17 to live with you. What does this have to do with my community? They worried with me. They felt my concern and angst that I might have lost my baby. Yes, always my baby until I am gone. My neighbours and friends continuously ask about my girls; when will they be home; are they ok; do you need help to get them bedrooms because we understand the importance of privacy for a teenage girl. My new bff and her husband have brought us trim, flooring, lent their son to donate his time to install the trim because they knew we were just too overwhelmed to do it. THANK YOU ALL!
     Other friends came to help us clean the house and the yard to prepare for the arts festival. People helped us with the prep work, running the event, the community centre loaned us picnic tables and wooden chairs and canopies to work under. So much help, so much friendship, so much community!
     Well my kids did come home and I think that Rachel and I have become even closer since she did go and experience life without mom for awhile. She grew up a lot and she also got me motivated. If it wasn't for her her room would not be livable yet. She primed and painted it. She helped put the shelves together and she carried almost all of her stuff up there herself... and you know what? She was right, it is a good thing! Jess' room is next!

This past weekend was Len's 70th birthday. We invited pretty much everyone we knew but had no idea how many people would come. We were overwhelmed with the turnout (34 people) and the party. It was amazing! Lots of people, everyone had a good time, great food and the best surprise was Len's daughter Brandi flying in with her little family. What a great weekend and good time. I truly feel this is our community! 
     I have closed the coffee shop for the season and feel a great sense of relief. It was great but I am glad for the break and not feeling quite so tied down. Today was cold and I lit my first fire in the wood stove. I was sad to light it so soon since Autumn is still 4 days away but it was COLD! Oh well the warm dry wood heat felt great!

Enjoy the video and have a great day!


Anonymous said...

Home Sweet Home! Your home is where your heart is and you my dear friend have your heart in New Brunswick!

<3 Elaine <3

.........Sarah Sherman said...

Thank you Lainey! It really is... I guess I just needed a change... Feel like finally in my mid 40's I have struck it out on my 'own'. Funny I watch some people and think they need to expand their horizon's a bit, ha ha. BUT each to their own. <3 you <3

.........Sarah Sherman said...

From Rick Miller: I really enjoy reading your posts, Sarah. Hopefully your winter won't be too harsh this year...

Thank you Rick! It is starting to cool off fast but hopefully it will be alright! Sarah