Sunday, September 4, 2011

GOOD BYE Summer!

The last Sunday of summer is here. Labour Day weekend. It feels as though July and August flew by. I never went anywhere or did anything but worked a lot on the property. OK not completely true, I did go to BC for a fast and furious trip. Although that left me feeling incomplete since the people I did get to see, wasn't for long enough or in depth enough and the people I didn't get to see left me or them disappointed. Oh well, onward and upward.

I was so happy when my girls returned home. It is so nice to have them back. Yes, I did get a glimpse of what the empty nest will be like and have to say, I think I will enjoy it! Having said that, there is nothing like the sound of their voices, the looks in their eyes, the knowing that we all still need each other. My big girl grew up over the summer. She has matured a lot and although she still wants, she seems to be understanding more about wants versus needs. She is putting more effort into making things work here and is preparing for her future... I am really proud of her!

My little girl is so happy to be home. Yes, she still has her moments of "miserable-ness" but overall she is happy with where she is, what she is doing, loves the animals and can't wait for school to start! Yay! I see a lot of growth in her as well. She loves to get on her bike and ride around outside or walk up to the neighbours to visit and of course, Sandy Beach, just wasn't the same without Miss Jessica!

So, here we are, the Sunday before school starts. The kids grasping the last bit of summer and I am sitting in the absolute quiet, alone. Loving it! (Did I mention there is a coffee & Bailey's party at my house on Tuesday morning at 7:30 after the kids are off on the bus? Bring your own Bailey's but I have the mugs and coffee!)

Life on the farm progresses. The rude, stinky, aggressive billy goat needs to go. He has mounted my female enough and if his shots didn't make it then that girl is probably out of luck with his seed. Of course we took pictures and explained to Jess about how an animal becomes pregnant and yes, it is very similar to humans, but we use different positions... (sometimes!) Anyway! Eggs are happening, chickens are laying, more to come as the rest get older. Chickens can definitely be bullies! It seems they do not care for those who look different and they really picked on our Polish girls... so now Len is building the Pole's their own cage. For safety we must segregate them. We don't expect many eggs from them but I am looking into 4-H for Jess and she could use them as show birds. 

Love our dog Luki! He is beautiful, loving and does his job. He is a livestock dog and barks when he needs too. No need to tell him to be quiet because he is just working. I will say it did bother me the other night since there must have been a bear around because he barked almost the whole night. It is a good thing that the neighbours are not close! Soon we will hear some good morning crowing from our roosters, but they haven't quite got there yet. We hear an occasional squawky crow from them but not full out 5am Cock a doodle doing yet!

Sunday is starting to perk up. I baked all day Saturday hoping to do little to no baking today. I have had 9 customers already and I am thinking I might need some more cookies! Time will tell. I plan to close during the week after Labour Day Monday and then open for weekends only through September. I have told customers that baking and eggs WILL be available year round, just closing the shop up. I am starting to dream about cake decorating (planning something cool for Len's birthday and possibly have an October wedding cake to do.) I am also dreaming about chickens in my purse. In my dream I opened up my purse to get a pen, looked inside and saw about a half dozen birds... Araucana's, Rhode Island Reds and Black Australorps... crazy dreams! I didn't find the pen though!

Have a great Labour Day weekend everyone! Enjoy the back to school excitement before we are full force into the drudgery of making lunches, doing homework and ugh, getting up at 6am!

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