Thursday, September 15, 2011

Farm, Food, Fun!

Freya telling Jess a secret or looking for food
The days are getting shorter and the nights are getting longer. Time seems to slip away and I feel like I am going backwards some days. I know I procrastinate and can't seem to stop it. Take right now, it is 10:30 pm, I just put in the corn bread to bake for tomorrow's market and still have dishes to do. No reason for it, yes I was busy with other things but I could have baked my regular whole grain yeast breads but NOPE! I manage to do lots but waste lots of time as well. It is a curse I suppose! 

The kids are well back into the school routine. Rachel has a hard load this year with needing to get good Grade 11 grades to get her into a program of her choice after high school. She also has a metal works class with a total of 4 students, 2 of which are girls. I told her she can become a brilliant white smith when she is older. She asked me what a white smith was. Silly! It's like a black smith but you are white so you can't be a black smith. (I think I had her there for a moment!) 

Take my picture!
Jessica is in Grade 5 and is in intensive French which she seems to love. (Of course it is only week 2!) She had a fab field trip today - "Agricultural Safety Day" - yup! How to ATV safely, use a ride'em lawn mower properly, tractor safety, gun safety and so much more! Love it! This was DEFINITELY not in the BC school curriculum! She had a blast though and was excited to put up her hand when they asked who lived on a farm. She really likes helping feed the animals and gather the eggs.

Jess stealing Luki's limelight
Both girls are closer to their bedrooms. Rachel is in hers and it is completely due to her own self-motivation. She primed the walls, painted two colours, helped Len for 3 hours put furniture together and is making me keep up the momentum. I am quite proud of her. That girl has moxie! She has really helped us all get our act together and yes, she was right, we are all doing much better with bedrooms in the making. She can sleep better for school and we, well, you can guess why it is better for Len and I! (Funny we thought she was just being a whiny teenager but maybe she was right!)

Our neighbours, the Leeman's have been instrumental in getting rooms going. Brendan spent hours putting up trim. Bill and Brendan pushed and pulled and got the mattress UP the stairs - we thought it was never going to work! Anita spent so much time helping with inspiration, shopping, putting floors down and painting, I can't thank her enough! And the little Leeman's played with Jess and kept her out of our way!
Luki our beautiful, perfect, loving, working farm dog
Farm life is going along. The chickens are happy little free rangers and if I could get the video I have taken to convert I could show you our wonderful creatures. The goats are pushy and the billy smells. Luki is looking great and has filled out nicely since he moved here. He is funny, 150lbs of puppy when he gets going. Len has painted us the "only red barn" in New Brunswick and done a hell of a job in getting the barn in shape. He is hurting but holding up fine for  a young man who turns 70 on Saturday!

Len on a break
The big party is about to happen! We have invited people from all over - our old home and our  new home. Of course we don't expect any of the Western folks to make it but love them just the same. The plan is for a big sausage/dog BBQ, chili, chips and salsa and a one of a kind birthday cake, made by me! (Maybe cornbread too!)
Well the cornbread will ding done any moment and the dishes are still dirty so I better go. I have to pack the baking and preserves for town. We are off to the farm market tomorrow and I have work to do... oh yes, procrastination, I better check my FaceBook first! ... then to find my town clothes!

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