Sunday, October 16, 2011

Occupy Fosterville!

Some weeks fly by and some simply drag... this one flew. Of course we had our late Thanksgiving dinner, kids in school, farm market and the usual errands to be done. On top of that on Wednesday night we inherited a large double door market fridge for the coffee shop. This looks a little large at the moment in my shop, however, next summer filled with treats, eggs, baking and beverages it will be indispensable! I am also looking forward to it over the winter to hold my leftovers from the turkey dinners and other festivities.

I am currently working on a flyer to drum up some Christmas baking business. Letting people know that although the coffee shop is closed I still have made to order baked goods, cakes, jellies, preserves and of course our farm fresh free range eggs. Friday afternoon we came home from the market, a bit slow, but I do enjoy the company, put things away and settled in to chat on the phone for an hour with my best friend, while waiting for the girls to get home from school. As I was on the phone from NB to BC, I heard a quiet knock at the front door. I kept the phone line open and had my girlfriend hold while I answered to see who was here. Two women had arrived and were looking for eggs. As I quickly washed up eggs from that day for them, my friend listening, they asked about the farm and what we do. It turned out these two women were from Hawaii, see how good our eggs are? People come from Hawaii just to get them! My girlfriend was able to hear the interaction and felt like she had a glimpse into our life.

Yesterday, I was in the kitchen, when again, tap, tap, at the door. I opened and a couple were standing there. (Keep in mind my coffee shop is a bit of a shambles with the new fridge and moving things around.) They were out for a drive from St. John for the day and saw our sign for eggs. They were very excited to see they were natural free range. I took them to the barn and pasture and we threw some multigrain bread to the the animals and they were tickled at watching the birds run up to them, the goat push her face through the fence to grab bread and even good old Luki, grabbing the bigger pieces. Yes, they decided, they wanted to eat our eggs! They had changed to free range not long before and were horrified to know how chickens were kept in massive buildings, one on top of another in laying crates with no life, freedom or fresh air. It is so fun to watch the birds as they truly do have a pecking order, they run up to say hi to us (looking for food) and to watch how they and the other animals interact together. The great thing is, by the time they left they bought 2 dozen eggs, 4 squash and one of Len's book. Next time they plan to call ahead so we can bake some things they like and open the coffee shop, apparently they will bring Grammie, Grampie and the Grandkids!

After they had left, Len and I said, this is what we like. The fact that we are able to share the simple joy of what we are doing with people, encourage them to look more at the health of what they eat, support local farmers and businesses and the overall fun of watching the animals. It is a good life.

Having said that, I have spent the whole week (month) watching the Occupy Movement in the US. The past week the media hasn't said much about the mounting movements, but I have followed the plans on FaceBook organizations to add Canadian cities to the occupation. I am trying to avoid the word protest as that implies that everyone is against one thing - which is in part true, but this "protest" does not have one specific plan, rather to let the government, big business and corporate greed know that the people have had enough. 

Express an objection to what someone has said or done: "she paid, and he didn't protest".
A statement or action expressing disapproval of or objection to something.
verb.  object - remonstrate - deprecate
noun.  remonstrance - objection - outcry
The occupation is a "statement or action expressing disapproval or or objection to something" so I do agree with that definition. The problem with the word is that so many protests have before been violent and out of control and this movement is trying so hard to avoid that - at least on the part of the "protesters".  This is a peaceful occupation. 

My opinion? Oh, well thanks for asking! My opinion: In the last month, Rachel's grade 11 History homework has been studying the French Revolution of 1789 and more recently the Egyptian Revolution of 2011. Is this now the GLOBAL Revolution? I think so. It is not against one person, regime or quest for power. It is against inequality, unfair taxation, the 99% getting the short end of the stick and the 1% getting the reward. Wow, sounds somewhat like the French Revolution to me! Rachel's assignment asked, "What was different between the French and Egyptian Revolutions?" Well, we now have the means to quickly and effectively get information out to the world. In Egypt, in February 2011, the government was shutting down phone lines and internet to keep the revolution quiet; some of the people managed to get the word out via FaceBook and Twitter before they were closed off to the world. Did the Western Governments know what was going on? Of course they did. Did they act? No, not until they had to. I am an optimist, however, I do see with eyes wide open and realize that although there are some good people in power who want to help, (not everyone is twisted and jaded) they are limited by those who restrain and hold power over them. Let's hope the masses and the support they get, the lack of violence - the message will come through and change will happen.

I mean really, it worked in France, Egypt and oh so many other places too! 
You say you want a revolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world
You tell me that it's evolution
Well, you know
We all want to change the world
But when you talk about destruction
Don't you know that you can count me out
Don't you know it's gonna be all right
all right, all right (Beatles)

So chickens and revolutions... life in the slow lane... have to go OCCUPY Fosterville now!

My poem - on the Occupy Movement... if you are still so inclined to read onward!

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