Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A VERY Un-traditional Thanksgiving

4 cakes and 100 cupcakes
Every year we have a Thanksgiving celebration; family, food, fun. Not this year. For the past week I was run off my feet. A trip to Fredericton on Wednesday; baking all day Thursday for the farm market and orders until 12:30AM ; Friday, farm market, trip across the border and baking the cakes in this picture until 1:30 AM; Saturday- Monday, coffee shop open; Saturday decorating the cakes and set up for the wedding; Sunday - orders for pumpkin pie, coconut pie, breads and sticky buns; Monday - grocery shop, coffee shop (sort of open) and dinner at the neighbours - fabulous food, just NOT the traditional meal. You can imagine I was exhausted and just grateful not too cook and to eat a harvest meal almost completely from their garden. The kids enjoyed it too, but missed celebrating our traditions. To quote Rachel, "We have no family, no furniture and not even the Thanksgiving TURKEY? MOOOOM!" Well, my darling, for you, today, we shall feast on roast beast!

Carrot Cake with
Lemon Cream Cheese Frosting
Saturday morning Len and I were up early, we had to clean all of my canning equipment OUT of the coffee shop and straighten up to have a shop to be proud of. Jessica was amazing! She was up at 7:30AM and was my barista for the day! To quote Jess, "Mom, I know you are busy and have to focus on the wedding, so I will grind the coffee, make it and serve the customers, ok?" Bless her little heart! YES! OK! 

French Vanilla with
Vanilla Butter Cream Frosting
Devils Food Cake with
Chocolate Butter Cream Frosting
Things were going smoothly and I was sort of relieved that we had few Saturday morning customers because part of the "charm" of the shop, is having Jess and I visit with people, share our story and invite them to come again. This is normally fine, but with the clock ticking and beating down my throat, I was slightly overwhelmed! Len helped clean the shop and then stayed out of my way, he even made us supper.

However, by 3pm, I had about 50 cupcakes left to ice and decorate and called in all the troops. I mixed and beat the icing; Rachel iced the cupcakes; Jess put on the final touches as per my instructions; Len and the rest of us got it all up the hill to the reception.  Of course as we prepared to get in the truck with 8 trays of cupcakes and a box with 2 wedding cakes and the basket of adornments, I wasn't sure how we were going to do it. Last minute, idea: tarp on pickup bed, kids sit in back to ensure that all the cupcakes stayed still and safe, Len in the front with the cakes and the basket in the back seat. I am sure the caterer thought we were nuts as we backed in and unloaded! We did it, set up and looking pretty with an EASY 5 minutes to spare! Whew! 

Of course, my day was not yet done! I had a birthday cake - SuperMan for Nathaniel's 10th birthday the next day, 4 pumpkin pies, 2 coconut cream pies, 3 loaves of bread and 6 sticky buns to prepare for the next morning! Yes, it all came together. Everyone said they liked their orders and were happy with the result. My feet ached, my ankles swollen from about 4 days of 8-12 hours a day standing, (by Saturday night when no one was in the kitchen with me and while I worked, I flexed and flipped my legs from the kitchen sink!)

The bride caught him by a hair!
Well, the weekend went by, it was good but insanely busy and today is Tuesday. I have a small turkey in the oven, mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing and squash on the way and our little family will celebrate Thanksgiving. As we are at this time of year, I am thankful for: the harvest, our home, our land, my family, my opportunity to be more self-sustaining each year and for the friends and family in my life. As I watch the world in turmoil, countries in revolution and know that things have to change, I am grateful even on those days where I am exhausted and want to scream, "HELP!" I know we have life good. AND so, Happy Thanksgiving, whatever it means to you, from the "Sher-Bethell" house!

It is not perfect, but not too shabby either!

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