Monday, January 24, 2011

-40? What?

Well it is not actually -40 but close! It was -32 this morning and with the windchill factor OVER -40. Damn! That IS cold! Oh well, we are faring fine. Just keep the woodstove topped up and on high and keep those electric stoves plugged in, wear big socks and slippers and a long sleeved shirt! Drink lots of hot green tea and every now and then throw in a Fireball Hot Chocolate! MMM! 

The weather tells me I must get those blinds sewn to keep the heat IN my house. As I look at the six foot snow drifts outside my bedroom window I REALLY wish there had been room in the trailer for all of our down comforters! Oh well, I guess it is reassuring to know the crazies across the street are benefiting from them. 

We had a big storm on Friday that netted us a new 18" of snow... light and powdery so easy to shovel and apparently another nor'easter is on its way! Yay? Apparently it is too cold for the kids to even play outside. I remember at Brechin School in Nanaimo, when it was around 0c and we parents thought it was too cold for the kids to go out. The school has not actually had an in day yet and Jess was out playing in -18 (before wind chill factor) on Friday so that MIGHT be why she was home sick today. 

Not much to say at the moment. I have been concentrating on my story "If Happily Ever After... Wasn't" on the other blog! Check it out and I shall update this site with more of our adventures... soon! Take care! I have to go now, my toesies are cold and my nose is frosty so I guess it is time for that Fireball Hot Chocolate!

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Sarah Sherman said...

From Kathy C.: What goes into a fireball hot chocolate? (I might have missed you writing about it somewhere!)

Sarah: Well Kathy, to update you today's blog is titled "What is Fireball?" Check it out! :)