Thursday, January 20, 2011

If Happily Ever After.... Wasn't.... Part 1 of a fictional tale

Over the next few days, I am going to post a story I wrote approximately five years ago. It is quite long, 4,000 words and is not finished yet.... I am looking for feedback on whether I should continue the story or not. Let me know what you think. I know that I am able to write fact, but how about fiction? Read for a couple of days and then tell me whether you want to know what happens? ... Does the story hold your interest? .... Or? 

Please note: All characters in the story ARE fictional and my children's names have been used to integrate them into the story. No live or real Princes or Princesses were hurt or damaged in the writing of this tale. 

Have a GREAT day and tune in tomorrow for Part 2!

            Have you ever wondered what happened to the princess after she met her prince? What exactly did “happily ever after mean?” Well, this is a story of “happily ever after” and it might not be what you expect!
            This is the tale of a beautiful princess and how her life changed after she met the handsome prince. Of course, they were very happy for a long time. She lived in the castle, which was a dream come true! She had every need or wish met and all   the servants waited on her day and night. She did find it odd to go from having so little, to having so much so quickly! The prince assured her that she would become used to it and learn to love their life together.
            The wedding of course had been a splendid affair with kings, queens, presidents, prime ministers and leaders from every country in attendance. Her dress had been made designed especially for her and was bejeweled with every imaginable ornament without being garish. Her friends attended her as bridesmaids and flower girls and she was thrilled to have them all be a part of such a glorious event! She was only sad that her parents were not alive to spend this time with her and see how truly happy she really was. The princess was so kind, that she had no hard feelings towards her evil stepmother or stepsisters and included them as much as possible in her new life.
            Of course after the wedding, all of the guests returned to their homelands and she and the prince went on their honeymoon. They traveled to every corner of the earth and she was sure to send postcards home from each city to let her friends know about her travels. She picked up trinkets and fabrics she knew they would enjoy when she returned home to see them again. She was so excited that she kept a journal where she wrote all that occurred, so she would not forget to tell her friends a thing! She and the prince traveled for a whole year and went to every civilized part of the world. Often they would pass small towns or villages where the people were poor and struggling but the prince always said there was no time to stop and help, as they had to be on their way. He assured her he would send a man back with food and gifts for the villagers so that this would ease their burden a bit.
            As princesses do, who are newly married, she was enthralled by everything the prince said and did and had no reason to doubt his word. She was certain that he would never harm a person or an animal and that he surely must send gifts to all the poor they passed. The princess was on her honeymoon after all she was living in a perfect world!
            After a year of travel, they made their way home. Many of the villagers came out to greet them and welcome the prince and princess back to their kingdom. Children waved and threw flowers to them, families smiled and wished them well with their future family and everywhere the princess looked she saw people.  Nowhere did she see her dear friends that she had sent postcards to.  She  wanted to visit with them and share her gifts and travels with them. Where could they be? She didn’t know, but she was rushed along to the castle with much to do and did not have long to think about it. She knew she would have time later to come and look for them.
            Upon arriving at the castle, the king and queen looked her over closely attempting to see any sign of future grandchildren, but they saw nothing that made them believe she might be with child. The king and queen immediately organized a welcome home celebration for the next day and urged the prince and princess to rest, as they must be weary from all of their travels. The princess was grateful to be at home at long last. 

Return for Part 2 ... tomorrow

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