Saturday, January 8, 2011

Are we THERE yet!

It is Saturday, January 7, 2010 and the children have been out of school for 15 and a half days! Yes, I AM counting. Weather permitting they will return to school on January 11, 2010... Looks like a storm may hit on Monday though in which case we are talking January 12th. Let's hope we all survive that long!

I love them, but it is time to get some structure back in their lives. I love our bus driver, she is wonderful, however, she has not come to my aid as per my directive. I don't know why she did not arrive when I messaged her "Hi MaryEllen! Sorry break is over, please start the bus and come get my kids! Thanks!" I do believe I shall be writing a letter in despair to the school board over this.

I remember when my babies were little and I worked full time, I couldn't understand why my co-workers were relieved when their kids went back to school at the end of the summer. Of course things were different then, my girls were babies, I was infallible to them and with working had little enough time to enjoy them. Now they are older and things are so different! I apologize to you mom's out there that I thought were selfish or heartless for wanting your kids back in school. I get it now!

Daughter #1 - is in her teens, we have a love/hate relationship, depending on what minute of what day; and why can't I just let her have a life and leave her alone? Daughter #2 - is 9 and sees me as a play mate. I apparently NEVER play with her, give her any attention and why did I have kids anyway? (NOTE: #1 and #2 is not preference it is birth order. As I tell my girls, I love them BOTH the best, just don't tell the other one, ok?)

Christmas was looking bleak this year, however, thanks to Jessica and her letter's Santa did find our house. He brought them both lovely things - fashion related for daughter #1 and fun activity related for daughter #2. Of course the excitement of these items lasted for about 3 days after which if I did not play with her she could not use them. Hmmm? Mom? Did I do this? I couldn't possibly have been like this... could I?

Well, Rachel got some hopping cute clothes and money from family so we did take a trip to Fredericton to shop. Of course the day we planned to go the roads were covered in snow and I was advised by a professional driver to stay home.  Advice that I heeded. This of course in teen lingo equals "You don't want me to have a life!" OK, did I miss something here? The whole point of us staying home in bad weather was to KEEP your life? Love hormones! Fun! (Again, I apologize mom for the years between 13 and 21 before I realized you were NOT actually stupid and hating me.)

It has been fun to have the snow. Jessica has loved it. She has generally played out side for about two hours at a time when sliding, building forts and making snow angels. I still do NOT have a snowman but I hear that he hopped off with some bear and they are making snow babies in a cave somewhere. We have made gingerbread houses from scratch, baked cookies, homemade bread, huge elaborate meals, gifted neighbours, had a few dinner "parties", played in the snow, watched movies, long phone calls out West to our loved ones, Rachel has been on sleepovers, parties and gone snow boarding for the first time...OH! and remember, I have not done ANYTHING with my kids OK?

I need to complete a business plan and get some income happening for this family. Of course, my being on the computer means I am "playing" not working. I am pleased with my foresight since there is quite a bit of meat in the freezer, potatoes in the cellar and canning on the shelves. Yes, there is "no food in this house" from a child's perspective but I do see food and apparently it sees me which my waistline can attest too! Of course being a mom the term should be "wasteline" since we need to make sure nothing goes to waste.

I shall finish my rambling now as I get ready to kick my teen out of bed (it is 11am), my starving younger one has been fed "pancakes and bacon" and I begin to really work again for the day. I ask the universe, clouds and sky gods to please be good, these children NEED to go to school Tuesday! Um... bus driver? Hello???? Don't be a wimp, drive! 

In conclusion, Mom, I love you! I am sorry when I sound impatient, uninterested, etc. You have been there for  me when I needed you most. I love you and hope you are around for many years to come. I have added a little Facebook post many of you may have seen and I think it says it all...   By the way, TUESDAY kids are GOING to school!
3yr old: "Mommy, I love you."     - 10 yr old: "Mom, whatever!"    - 16 yr old: "My Mom is so annoying!"    - 18 yr old: "I wanna leave this house!"   - 25 yr old: "Mom, you were right."    - 30 yr old: "I wanna go back to my Mom's house."    - 50 yr old: "I don't wanna lose my Mom."   - 70 yr old: "I would give up EVERYTHING for my Mom to be here with me."      You only have 1 Mom...
Oh and Happy Parenting Everyone! 


Sarah Sherman said...

From Rani M: Sarah, I love reading your blog. You are an amazing and creative writer so thought provoking and riveting and edge of the seat reading. So please Sarah's blog. So amazing Sarah. Love it.

Thank you Rani! Really appreciate the feedback. I like to write and I am so glad you like to read it!

Sarah Sherman said...

From Sharon N. : Hi Sarah, Thanks for all the blogs etc. You are so funny. I enjoy reading your stuff. I don't usually make comments on there or anything.But I did today!

Thank you Sharon! Keep on laughing! My life is insane ;)