Friday, January 28, 2011

Then it was Friday... the last one in January 2011!

I don't know about you but I keep writing 2010 not 2011! Maybe because I am no longer in the day to day work world and I don't have to indoctrinate it into my psychy as quickly or maybe because 2010 was just such a big year for me! A quick recap of 2010:

January 2010: Learn I would NEVER own a house on Vancouver Island AND I lose my job
February 2010: Go to the Olympics with my best twinnies and my teen daughter
March 2010: My first trip ever to Atlantic Canada - looking for a new home
April 2010: Sale completion - I am once again a home owner
May 2010: Start garage sales galore - sell almost everything I own
June 2010: A month of saying good bye, farewell and See You Next Week!
July 2010: The trip across Canada - 3 weeks to the day and a lifetime of memories, most will be insane!
August 2010: A month to try to unpack, what we can, settle in and start to get the kids meeting people.
September 2010: School starts and work finally begins on the bedrooms
October 2010: Finally have all our firewood in and work basically ends on the bedrooms - for now
November 2010: Many anniversaries to remember, good and bad and to celebrate the girls birthdays and lives
December 2010: The year is already or finally, over! Our first quiet Christmas alone and thankful that we survived a hell of a year!

Now it is January again and it is almost over. A couple of more days. Rachel has finished her first semester at Canterbury High and Jess is settled into Grade 4 - with not TOO many calls from the teacher. We are all well and ready to move forward. Len and I have lots of great ideas on how to use our talents to earn money. I am in the midst of HOPEFULLY starting a new web design business with government support and things are looking positive with that. 

A week ago there was a raging Atlantic storm and a foot and a half of snow dumped on us. This past week we were in the -30c temperatures and wondering what we had done. This Friday, we sit in a cozy house and the temperature sits at a balmy 9c! Wow what a change! I can hear snow melting and dumping off my roof. Watch out for that falling icicle! It will impale you if you are not careful! I have been perusing the organic seed catalogue and look forward to tilling the ground in the spring! (I have decided since we can't plant until June that I shall start seedlings! Maybe in a greenhouse? We shall see!)

Now, I must run! I have posted Part 8 of our fictional princesses life on the OTHER blog which you will find a link at the right of this blog, to lead you too! Tomorrow I will post the whole story start to finish for those of you who don't like to read in pieces. I am about to put on a big pot of chili starring my home baked beans in the pot with it! To go with that I am going to make a new bread. Just a little something I found in the book "The Best of Bread" by Patricia Jacobs circa 1975! Fun, eh? Au revoir!

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