Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday in Fosterville, NB

Well, the feedback I am getting is that the food looks good and the snow doesn't! I guess it is a matter of taste. Perhaps in a year or two it will bother me, not this year though! It is all just a novelty still... I hope I continue to enjoy it! Of course life is different here and I spend my time trying to stay busy rather than the old, I NEED TIME! My mantra now is not, I need 4 more hours in a day! It is only, I need more money to do what I want! Oh well, I hope to know in about a week the result of my business plan. She (the consultant) did indicate it was one of the best she had seen and was very encouraging so I am just enjoying the last week or so before I get the results. 

We received another foot of snow and it is too deep to really even use a skidoo at the moment, not that we have one. The neighbours do and it seems to be getting stuck in the deep drifts. I keep trying to get the kids to build me a snowman, but to no avail and I have to say that I don't think snowman building ever really interested me. I guess I did it when I was a kid, but there were usually about four or more working on it at the same time and the job went quickly. 

Just a quick note for today! I posted a new story on my other blog and it is called "Beauty is only skin deep". I hope you enjoy it! Now, off to make dinner and get the kids ready for school tomorrow!

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