Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesdays Musings

Learning to be home and not running around endlessly and needlessly took some time, but I think I am just about there. I could stay here for days and not seeing people is not bothering me. I have not become isolated and removed but I have become more thoughtful about what I do and why. This is all part of our new lifestyle choice. (Did I mention I really like it?)

Currently I leave the house twice a week, to go to a part time job on Monday and Wednesday and try to take care of all of our errands and needs at that time. Wednesday is long, up with kids early, straighten the house up a bit, off to work, pick kids up from school, any errands, take care of banking and groceries in town, off to two dance classes in a row and then home again. I leave the house around 9am and get home before 10pm. 

I am learning to be more careful, plan ahead better, less wasteful and I think I am assimilating quite well into my rural life. Remember we are 71km away from town and it takes anywhere from 45-60 minutes, depending on the weather and country road conditions to get there. We don't go often. I am very excited about our garden going in so that we have more food available here and I don't have to be dependent on the stores. Once we have chickens and goats even more of our needs will be met. 

We are hoping to get some sort of a green house up so that we can start seedlings and have them on the way since planting is not until almost June. The chicken house will be up first I am sure and I anxiously await the day we can go get our eggs for the first time! We are researching the right dog for us and it looks like it may be a Great Pyrenees as they are good winter dogs, care for livestock and protect the family. We just have to make sure the other temperaments are suitable and find one. I have contacted several rescue agencies and we shall have to wait and see if it happens.

I hope to get to start building websites soon since I can do it from home, low overhead and the money will be helpful to get on to the next project. Currently I am working for a lovely couple about a half hour away. The job is great but the fuel consumption is horrendous. Diesel is about 15 cents a litre more than gas in New Brunswick and I am currently paying $1.243 per litre, by the time summer hits.. well I just can't think about that! Of course everyone says get a different vehicle but it is not in my current budget. I put $40 in on Monday and it didn't even go to a half tank. I drove home in the heavy snow and by the time I got home, I was down to a quarter of a tank! Stressful! It also makes me seriously wonder if I should continue in my job! Oh well, a bit more time to ponder that. I would hate to leave the couple as they are wonderful to me, but financially, if you spend half or more of what you make to get there... is it feasible? 

Well, it is time to get ready and start my long day. I just thought I would throw a few words out there into blog land! The girls are good. Len is well and seems to be in less pain than he was, which is great! The sun is up and no snow on today's horizon!

Have a great day everyone!

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