Tuesday, February 1, 2011

If you are a mom.... Like this (An ode to Facebook Posts!) sort of...

There is a Facebook posting that goes around and it says:
"PROMISE TO MY CHILDREN: I will stalk you, flip out on you, lecture you, drive you crazy, be your worst nightmare, embarrass you in front of your friends, & hunt you down like a bloodhound..because I LOVE YOU! When you understand that, I will know you are a responsible adult. You will NEVER find someone who loves you, prays for you, cares about you, & worries about you more than your MOM! Repost if you're a Mom!! ♥"
 I see this posted on so many mom's profiles and we all mean it! BUT! Do our kids get it? Do they realize when we say "I will stalk you" it means,  I will keep an eye on you, know where you are and help you make the right choices. "I will flip out on you" means, I will be upset if you lie to me, endanger yourself or are disrespectful. I want you to learn to be someone of value, someone of quality who can be trusted and loved. "I will lecture you" means, I will repeat myself over and over and over and over... because I know that half of what I say is gone before I am done my sentence, BUT, if I repeat myself and show you that the basics of who you are and who you can be, does not change even though people do and society does, one day it will sink in and you will be glad that I never gave up on you.

"I will drive you crazy" means, I will sound old fashioned, I will look angry, I will make you wish you could forget who I was... but I will NEVER forget who you are, who you will be and how much I love you. I do have feelings too and I will be hurt when you throw words at me that sting but I will always be here. "I will be your worst nightmare" means, when you date that guy who treats you bad, I will kick him to the curb. I don't care that you think he is the one, I will tell you why he is not and that it is NEVER OK to let him treat you like you don't matter... You DO matter and you always WILL matter. 

"I will embarrass you in front of your friends" means, when you talk trash, are mean, speak vulgar, or act like less than you are, to impress someone else, I will call you on it. You NEVER need to bring yourself down to someone else to make them think you are cool. You are MORE than cool! You are beautiful, amazing, talented and need to give yourself credit for that. "I will hunt you down like a bloodhound" means, if I think you are unsafe, I will find you. If someone takes you and you don't want to be there, I will bring you back. If you are in danger, I will try to protect you, even if I get hurt. 

My child, you are more valuable than anything on this earth. You have great things to accomplish in your life. There are times when life is hard and we want to give up, but we can't. You got me through when I wanted to give up and I will do all I can to get you through when you want to give up. YOU are the only person who needs to learn to love you. The rest of us do and want you to love yourself.

If you are a mom... post this. Being a mom, doesn't mean "I will give you the best things" it means I will give you the BEST example and love. Being a mom doesn't mean "I have to have lots of money" it means, I have to have lots of love and call on myself to have lots of patience, even when I lose it. Being a mom means teaching you how to care for yourself, cook, clean, earn money and be self sufficient and strong, never having to be dependent on another if you don't wan to. Being a mom doesn't mean   anything if I don't teach you, my child, to learn to love yourself, respect yourself, learn the value of a dollar and the value of YOU! 

To both my girls, I love you, I always will. I won't always agree with you. I won't always make you happy, but I will always do what I think is the best thing for you in the long run. I will make mistakes and I may say the wrong thing in anger but I will accept my faults and offer you an apology and try to repair the hurt. I never want you to leave me out of unhappiness or despair. I want you to leave me when you are ready and prepared to take on life's journey and YOUR future.

Your loving mother, as inadequate as I may be some days, I am your mom and love you desperately! If you are a mom... Like THIS!

A poem for my girls..........

My Daughter

Once she was tiny
A mere 7lbs in my hands
Then she grew stronger
My arms held her close
As a toddler she was brave
She could walk a long way
She loved her mama well
She was a survivor I could tell
She hugged me tight
She kissed me goodnight

She continued to grow
A young woman I began to know
She is taller than me now
She thinks she knows it all
But her mother she will come to
When her world begins to fall
There are days we cry together
Then we are birds of a feather
One day she may know
The joy of a mother’s heart

She will learn the sorrow
Of watching your child grow
She will leave me
She will go out on her own
But she will always know
She can return home
Her mother adores her
She is in my heart
No matter where life takes us
We will never be apart

My baby is not 7
She is not even 11
But hopefully by the time
She reaches 27
She will be my friend
In my heart to the end
A mother loves her child
She learns to let go
But the worry, the love
Never from her mind go
Sarah Sherman


Sarah Sherman said...

From Marie B: Beautiful and so true Sarah... you made me cry xo

Sarah Sherman said...

From Rani M: I love it Sarah. Well done. Exactly my sentiment.

Sarah Sherman said...

From Kathy C: Sarah,
YOUR words are very well put! I wish I would have had them when my boys were younger. (They're 31 and 27 now.) I feel they are off to a great start and I know the older one is aware of all that you said. The younger one isn't quite there I don't think, but has carved out a very decent life (one I can be proud of) for himself.