Saturday, February 19, 2011

To those on my email list... Please Read!

OK I put you (one of ten people) on my direct email list. This way every time I post a blog, you get an email. However, I want to change that as more people want on it and I can only add ten. Could I please ask EACH of you, who get my blog IN your email to take a moment, go to my blog and on the right side of the page is a blue box. The blue box is to add to my mailing list. This way I can add more people. It is a simple process and all it asks for is your email. If you don't in the next few days I will just figure you are glad to have me delete you from my email and not bore you any more with my silly thoughts! 

So, go to the blue box, enter your name and email. There will be a verification box, this helps delete SPAM or unwanted junk, please enter the code. Then I have added a second step verification. You will go to your inbox for your email (check SPAM too just in case) and then click on the validation process and VOILA! You are one of  the lucky people who will get my newsletter/blog update. (It is REALLY not cumbersome, I just put down the step by step process for you!)

Thank you and have a great day!

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